Use Cases

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Use your data

CALM allows you make use of data that exists within your organisation, but typically resides on numerous individual devices in discrete formats. CALM centralises logs and converts them into security intelligence, which allows an IT team to proactively respond to security events and comply with regulations. 

Beyond Security 

CALM has the ability to digest logs of any format and transform the information into actionable intelligence. Thus CALM is viewed as a dynamic solution that gives comprehensive access to all activities within an organisation. CALM multifacet features has been used for compliance reporting, investigations purposes and IT troubleshooting.

Use your data


CALM provides organisations with an overview of events taking place in their network, to quickly identify threats and malicious user behaviours.

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CALM is a cost-efficient, hassle-free SIEM that improves your organisation’s security posture and aids PCI, ISO27001 and GDPR compliance.

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IT Support Tool

CALM is giving IT teams granular visibility into their infrastructure, allowing them to proactively identify threats and vulnerability.

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CALM delivers simple and scalable security intelligence. Helping you to understand your most valuable information.