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Get the most out of your data

Servers, computers, network devices and all other IT infrastructure by default generate lots of logs. CALM provides you with a single pane of glass overview of all IT infrastructure events. Consequently, this enables customers to monitor and alert for particular events such as failed account logins, changes to administrative accounts or critical security events which could otherwise be missed. CALM overlays security intelligence across logs collected and alerts customers to threats within their infrastructure.

Unlimited logging

The commercial model of CALM allows for unlimited logging. As a result this provides customers with a cost efficient approach to the collection of all logs within their organisation. Being able to collect user activity logs is imperative to detecting security breaches, as most breaches today happen at the end-point. Most SIEM platforms, while capable of logging data, are simply cost prohibitive as they are charged by data volume.

Protect your data

Single pane of glass

CALM provides a single pane of glass for all security information and events with intuitive search and visualisation capabilities.

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Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence solution that correlates logs to various databases of known threats. CTC is integrated at no extra costs. 

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CALM has the ability to monitoring cloud infrastructure and applications improving security and visibility for organisations.

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CALM has been designed with simplicity in mind whilst ensuring a cost-efficient approach to collect all logs within an organisation

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CALM delivers simple and scalable security intelligence. Helping you to understand your most valuable information.