CALM Overlay

With built-in API integrations and native plug-in’s for a variety of well-known Public Cloud (IaaS) and SaaS based services, CALM provides organisations with complete visibility of security events taking place within their IT infrastructure, regardless of where workloads are physically and/or logically located.

Straight out of the box, a default installation of CALM includes all the required parsers and dashboards through which to interpret and visually represent the log information ingested directly from Cloud environments.

Furthermore, the standard Cloud API’s and Plug-in’s within CALM are made available to customers at no additional cost. Consequently, CALM is able to fully support customers who are already using Cloud services, as well as those who are either in the process of, or considering, a migration to the cloud as part of a wider IT/Digital strategy.

CALM delivers simple and scalable security intelligence. Helping you to understand your most valuable information.