Single pane of glass

Organisations often have a plethora of technologies within their IT infrastructure that generate logs and event information. Each system may offer its own dashboards and reporting capabilities, providing the ability to view log information generated on that individual system. However, it is not practical for IT and security teams to monitor and manage their end-to-end security through multiple disparate platforms. CALM is a next-generation SIEM platform that enables customers to aggregate logs and events generated by their individual IT systems into a centralised location, presenting a single dedicated platform through which to visualise and manage those logs and events. Simplicity and ease of use are key differentiators of CALM, providing fundamental support to security and IT teams during their daily operations. Through the gained efficiencies of using CALM, IT teams are provided with extra time, which can be used to improve service instead of always being on the back-foot.

dash board tilted
CALM delivers simple and scalable security intelligence. Helping you to understand your most valuable information.